Six Forty Homestead
Our products are handcrafted and are free of dyes, artificial colors, artificial fragrance, and chemicals. We use therapeutic grade essential oils to lightly scent our products and also offer unscented products as well. We use natural additives each with unique properties in each of our soaps such as soothing oatmeal, gentle exfoliating Kaolin Clay, and activated charcoal to name a few.

We do not use animal fats or petroleum based ingredients and we never test on animals; Our vendors must meet the same quality standard.

This is not just ordinary soap. Commercial soap products are mass produced and may contain chemicals, artificial fragrance,  and dyes. Often times, glycerin is removed from commercial soaps which leave the skin dry after use. We take pride in our cold processed soap, made the old-fashioned way. All our soaps are created in small batches to ensure quality control.

Our honey is created by tens of thousands of hard working European Bees who have free rein over 20 acres of rural land and their choice of clovers, wild flowers, farm crops, and indigenous trees to collect their pollen. The hives, which are made of high quality natural wood and free of any petroleum products, are routinely inspected and documented to ensure our bee colonies remain healthy. We follow the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Apiary Best Management Practices and state regulatory standards to keep our bees and their home safe and they provide us great quality honey in return.